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Candidates for Surrogacy

Our fertility specialists help candidates for surrogacy bring home healthy babies

At Fertility Specialists of Texas, there are so many paths to parenthood. For those who are unable to carry a pregnancy, gestational surrogacy can be a great option. When patients want to learn more about how to have a baby using surrogacy, our doctors first explain which patients make good candidates for surrogacy. For your convenience, the team at our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center provides some information about this topic here.

Which types of patients make good candidates for surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is a highly effective type of third party reproduction. It’s also versatile because it can help many types of patients have a baby using surrogacy.

Couples may want to consider surrogacy if the female partner cannot carry a pregnancy for any reason. For example, the woman may not have a uterus or she may have a health condition that would make it unsafe to carry a pregnancy.

Same-sex male couples who want to share a biological connection with their child can turn to gestational surrogacy and donor egg IVF.

Single men are also good candidates for surrogacy and donor egg IVF. All they will need to do is select an egg donor and a gestational surrogate and then provide a semen sample.

Transgender individuals and couples who cannot carry a pregnancy can also turn to gestational surrogacy to achieve their family-building dreams.

Rely on our team to help you have a baby using surrogacy

If you are one of the candidates for surrogacy, our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center can guide you through the next steps. Our doctors order fertility testing for any intended parents who will be providing eggs or sperm. They will then use the results to help design a customized fertility treatment plan. Our third party reproduction specialists will also provide guidance in terms of selecting and working with a surrogate.

After selecting the generous woman who will carry and deliver your baby, our team will support you and your surrogate during the IVF process. We will carefully explain each step and provide the guidance necessary to help you bring home a healthy baby.

If you would like to have a baby using surrogacy, our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center can help you get started. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn how to take the first step.

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