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Semen Analysis

Learn more about your sperm count and fertility with a semen analysis

Male infertility is just as common as female fertility issues, which is why we order a semen analysis for the male patients at Fertility Specialists of Texas (FST). With just one test, our team can provide you with information about your sperm count and other measures of sperm health. It’s the gold standard for diagnosing male factor infertility.

We know that this male fertility test can seem intimidating. That’s why the team at our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility clinic offers clear instructions and is always available to answer your questions. Not only does this information help you feel more comfortable with this test, it also helps ensure accurate results.

What is a semen analysis?

If you’ve ever heard someone talk about “sperm count,” you already have some familiarity with this test. This male fertility test analyzes the semen and the health and viability of the sperm that a man releases during ejaculation. It looks at several factors to do so.

Semen Factors

  • Appearance/color
  • Liquification time (how long it takes the semen to turn watery)
  • pH (the level of acidity)
  • Volume

Sperm Factors

  • Count (the number of sperm per mL of semen)
  • Morphology (the number of sperm with a normal shape and size)
  • Motility (the number of sperm that are alive and swimming)

Your doctor may order two or three separate semen analyses at least seven days apart over the course of a few months. This allows the team at our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility clinic to get a clearer picture of your sperm health.

What can you expect from a sperm count test?

Your doctor will give you specific instructions to help you prepare for your semen analysis. In addition to these instructions, our team also offers the following advice.

  • Don’t ejaculate for 24 to 72 hours before the test (but don’t wait longer than 14 days)
  • Discuss your current medications with your doctor
  • Avoid using spermicidal products when providing the sample
  • Know that your partner can help you obtain the sample using approved methods

When it’s time for your semen analysis, you will provide a semen sample through masturbation. If you cannot masturbate for any reason, you have the option to collect a sample through sex using a special condom. If you collect your sample at home, you’ll need to keep it at room temperature and bring it to FST within [_] minutes/hours.

Once our laboratory team receives your sample, they will prepare it and view it under a microscope. They will record all the relevant information, including your sperm count, morphology and motility, and report it to your doctor. Armed with this information, your doctor will explain your results and work with you to develop a treatment plan, if necessary.

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