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Transgender Fertility Options

Transgender fertility options make family-building dreams come true

The treatments that make it possible for patients to medically transition are more than just empowering. They’re lifesaving. These treatments can have a negative effect on fertility though. However, there’s no need to choose between receiving gender-affirming care and becoming a parent. You can find the transgender fertility care that you need to have a baby at Fertility Specialists of Texas.

Whether you’re thinking about transitioning or have already started your journey, our caring doctors can help you move forward with transgender family building. Our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility doctors will work with you to determine which treatment options will work best to help welcome a baby.

Explore the transgender fertility options for patients who produce sperm

If you were born with testes, you have several options to have a child, and these options vary depending on where you are on your journey to transition. This is because prolonged estrogen exposure can cause testicular damage.

  • If you are just beginning to transition, you may want to consider freezing your sperm. In fact, you still may be able to freeze sperm even if you have started your transition. This will depend on the results of fertility tests like semen analysis.
  • If you have already started to transition, you may need a little extra help from fertility treatments like IUI and IVF to conceive.

Conceiving using donor sperm is also a highly effective transgender fertility option. Regardless of which option you select, our team will guide you through the entire process with compassion.

Learn about transgender family building for patients who have ovaries

The effect of testosterone on the ovaries is a little less clear. However, there is evidence that temporarily stopping hormonal medications can make pregnancy possible in patients with ovaries. Additionally, there are other transgender fertility options that can help with family building.

  • If you haven’t started to transition, you might want to consider fertility preservation in the form of egg freezing. Fertility testing can help determine whether egg freezing is a good fit for you.
  • Fertility medications as well as IUI and IVF can help in situations where you need more support to achieve pregnancy.

There is no shortage of options for transgender family building, and our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility doctors are here to help you. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about welcoming a baby with help from our team.

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