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Turn to Fertility Specialists of Texas for help getting started with fertility care

Our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center is a beacon of hope for patients struggling with infertility. We work with each patient to reach an accurate diagnosis and develop a highly effective, customized treatment plan. However, you may feel overwhelmed by the idea of getting started with fertility care. To ease your mind, our caring team has developed this guide to help you start your fertility journey with us.

Getting started with our team is easier than you may think

When you’re getting started with fertility care, call our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center to schedule a new patient appointment. Our team will collect your insurance information at this time. Doing so will allow them to verify your benefits before your first fertility appointment.

We will also send you a link to our Patient Portal and instructions explaining how to use it. The portal is where you will complete your medical history before your appointment. Your fertility doctor will use this information to order diagnostic testing and help reach a diagnosis for you.

Before your appointment, our team also asks that you submit all previous infertility medical records.

  • Gynecological surgery reports
  • Results of your most-recent Pap smear
  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) films
  • Semen analysis results for your partner

What can you expect at your first fertility appointment?

During your visit, your doctor will review your medical history and records and discuss your treatment options. You’ll also meet your treatment coordinator who will arrange for your diagnostic testing and explain your treatment plan recommendations.

Your treatment coordinator will be your contact person throughout your treatment. You can reach out to her with questions or concerns at any time. She will know your specific situation, so your nurse can provide information that’s relevant to you.

In addition to your fertility doctor and nurse, you can also turn to our office staff for help with fertility financing. We have a long list of resources, including financing, discount programs and savings opportunities, to help make fertility care more affordable.

Our entire team streamlines the process of getting started with fertility care

We know you’ve likely been on a long and emotional journey before scheduling your first fertility appointment with our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center. That’s why we strive to make getting started with fertility care as simple as possible.

Are you ready to learn more or schedule an appointment? Contact us and learn how our team can make your dream of parenthood come true at our state-of-the-art and supportive fertility clinic.


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