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Using Donor Eggs

Welcome a healthy baby using donor eggs at Fertility Specialists of Texas

Sometimes, you face obstacles on the path to parenthood that require you to turn to egg donation. Whether you’re a woman who doesn’t have enough eggs of your own or you’re a gay couple looking to conceive, using donor eggs can make parenthood possible.

Our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center strives to make this process as streamlined and simple as possible. We offer an in-house egg donor program and fertility doctors with experience in egg donation. We also have an in-house frozen egg bank, which is a great option for intended parents hoping to only have one child and speeds up the embryo creation process. Together with our team, you’ll find the perfect donor for your family and begin your journey to welcome a bundle of joy into your life.

How do you start the conceiving with donor eggs

Before getting started with any fertility treatment, your doctor will explain that you have several options for selecting an egg donor.

  • You can use someone you know, or a known donor.
  • Another option is to select an anonymous donor from an egg bank. We also have an in-house frozen egg bank.
  • Our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center also offers an in-house egg donor program.

If you want to explore our program, we’ll provide access to our database of pre-screened donors. There, you can review information about each anonymous donor. We’ve included facts about their personality, interests, education, health and appearance. Once you select the perfect donor for your family, you’ll move forward with an egg donation cycle.

How do you conceive using donor eggs?

The process to have a baby using donor eggs varies depending on your unique situation, including whether you need a gestational carrier.

If you or your female partner will carry the baby, our IVF lab team will fertilize the donor eggs with sperm from you or your male partner. Your doctor will take one of the resulting embryos and transfer it to you or your female partner’s uterus.

If a gestational carrier, or a surrogate, will carry the pregnancy, the donor eggs will still undergo fertilization. However, your doctor will transfer one of the embryos to your surrogate’s uterus.

About two weeks after the embryo transfer, it will be time to take a pregnancy test. Then, we will hopefully celebrate your good news!

We’re your guide to conceiving with donor eggs

Our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center is here to help with using donor eggs. Whether you’re ready to get started or you just have questions, you can turn to our experienced team for support and guidance. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more.

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