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Egg Freezing Candidates

Find out what types of patients are good egg freezing candidates

At Fertility Specialists of Texas, our team has seen more women pursue egg freezing as a way to preserve their fertility. Women who freeze their eggs can gain more control over when they become a mother, rather than having the biological clock dictate the timing. If you’re wondering whether this option is right for you, our team can help. Our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility doctors often explain the qualities that make patients good egg freezing candidates.

Who should explore this option?

In general, egg freezing candidates have several traits in common. They are typically women under age 35 with normal hormone levels and a good ovarian reserve (egg supply). However, every woman is different. Some older women can successfully freeze their eggs, while some younger women might not be able to do so. As a result, our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility doctors will perform bloodwork and an ultrasound to learn more about whether you’re a good candidate.

If your testing reveals that you have a good supply of healthy eggs, your doctor will likely recommend that you move forward with egg freezing.

Why do egg freezing candidates pursue this option?

There are a wealth of different reasons why a woman might decide to freeze her eggs. These reasons range from personal to medical.

  • Wanting to postpone motherhood to focus on educational or professional goals.
  • Looking for the right partner to have a child with.
  • Taking time to travel or pursue other personal goals before becoming a mother.
  • Preparing to undergo chemotherapy, radiation or any other treatment that could potentially damage fertility.

Clearly, egg freezing candidates can decide to preserve their fertility for any number of reasons. Regardless of their motivation, our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility doctors provide the patients with exceptional care and support. From designing a customized medication protocol to storing the frozen eggs until a patient is ready for pregnancy, we’re there every step of the way.

If you have more questions about who should freeze eggs and what the process looks like, contact us for an appointment. We can provide all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your future family.

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