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Storing Frozen Eggs

Storing frozen eggs can help you preserve your fertility until you’re ready for a baby

Women today have more educational and career opportunities than women have ever had before. Not only that, but they also have the ability to postpone motherhood until they feel ready for it. This is all thanks to an advanced reproductive technology called egg freezing. Fertility Specialists of Texas has helped many women with freezing their eggs and storing frozen eggs until they want to welcome a baby using them.

To help you learn more about how the egg freezing process works, our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center doctors are explaining what you need to know about the frozen storage of eggs.

An egg freezing cycle comes before frozen storage of eggs

Before storing frozen eggs, our team needs to have eggs to freeze. This is where an egg freezing cycle comes into play.

When you decide to move forward with fertility preservation, you will start by taking injectable fertility medications. While taking these medications, you will visit our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center every few days. During these visits, you’ll receive bloodwork and ultrasound monitoring to make sure the medication is working properly. Your doctor will also use this information to determine when your eggs are mature.

When your eggs reach maturity, you will have a short, outpatient egg retrieval procedure. After giving you light sedation to keep you comfortable, your doctor will retrieve your eggs. This occurs using a process known as transvaginal aspiration.

Your eggs then go to the IVF laboratory. There, an embryologist will assess your eggs for maturity and chromosomal normality before freezing them. They then use a flash-freezing process called vitrification to freeze the eggs. At this point, storing frozen eggs is the next step.

You can postpone motherhood for years

If you are storing your frozen eggs for a few weeks or months, our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center can store them on-site in temporary storage. However, most women who freeze their eggs will keep them in long-term storage for five to 10 years before using them to conceive. If this is true for you, we recommend storing your eggs off-site in a long-term storage facility.

There are many of these facilities around the country that provide safety measures and protocols to keep your frozen eggs secure until you’re ready to use them. Our team can provide a list of reputable long-term storage facilities that provide frozen storage of eggs. When you are ready to welcome a baby using your frozen eggs, the facility will ship them to our clinic so that we can help you make your dream of motherhood come true.

If you would like to learn more about egg freezing and the frozen storage of eggs, please contact us. Our team is here to give you the information you need to take control of your fertility.

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