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Tubal Reversal

Find out tubal reversal is right for you

Women who have had a prior tubal ligation can choose to undergo a tubal reversal if they desire to have more children. This surgery is not right for everyone, especially when compared to IVF. However, if a patient prefers this method of fertility restoration, it remains a viable option with an experienced surgeon.

What is the procedure for a tubal reversal?

tubal2Tubal ligation reversal utilizes microsurgical techniques to open and reconnect the fallopian tube segments. Typically there are two remaining segments. One is the proximal tubal segment that emerges from the uterus. The other is the distal tubal segment that ends with the fimbria next to the ovary. The reversal (microsurgical tubotubal anastomosis) connects these segments.

What is the procedure to determine if you are a candidate?

One way to determine if the surgery is a good option for you is to obtain a copy of your operative report from your tubal ligation. This information will allow our physicians to determine the type of procedure you had.

If you cannot get a copy of your operative report, our physicians may perform a laparoscopy prior to performing the tubal reversal to evaluate if there is adequate tube remaining to complete a tubal reversal. At your initial visit, we will review your prior records as well as perform a pelvic ultrasound. This visit will last approximately an hour and we will discuss your options and details of the procedure.

What are the other options if you are not a candidate for tubal reversal?

The alternative to a tubal ligation reversal is in vitro fertilization (IVF), and depending on the type of reversal that you had done, this may provide a higher chance of success without the need of surgery. This involves taking medications to stimulate your ovaries to produce eggs. Next your partner’s sperm fertilizes the eggs and we place the resulting embryos in the uterus. IVF is a less invasive option that results in a shorter average time to pregnancy, as well as a lower risk of ectopic pregnancy.

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