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Our In-House Egg Donor Program

Welcome a baby into your family through our in-house egg donor program

The in-house egg donor program at our fertility clinic in Texas provides a path to parenthood for patients facing various fertility obstacles. Women who cannot use their own eggs to conceive, in addition to gay couples and single men, require donor eggs when building a family through IVF. The knowledgeable, compassionate team at our clinic walks patients through each step of this process, making it as streamlined and simple as possible.

There are many reasons a woman could be a good candidate for donor eggs

Various health circumstances could result in a woman having a challenging time conceiving with her own eggs. However, she can still fulfill the dream of motherhood by utilizing donor eggs.

Fertility tests, such as bloodwork and ultrasound, help our doctors determine if a woman has a condition that could make her a candidate for conceiving with the support of our in-house egg donor program.

  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Premature menopause
  • Diminished ovarian reserve
  • Poor response to ovulation medications
  • History of miscarriage or IVF failures
  • Absence of ovaries from birth

If a woman, gay couple or single man at our fertility clinic in Texas decide that finding an egg donor is right for them, we support them through each phase of this exciting process.

What to expect when using our in-house egg donor program

The combination of our in-house egg donor program and fertility doctors well-versed in egg donation provides a quality experience for patients who need IVF with donor eggs. We are by the patient’s side, from the process of finding the ideal egg donor to the moment when they take their pregnancy test, and beyond.

While patients can utilize eggs from someone they know, they can also select an anonymous donor through our program.

Explore the donor database. The first step in finding a donor is gaining access to our database of pre-screened donors. There, you can review photos of the donors, in addition to information about their personalities, interests, education and health.

Recipient medical screening. Another important step of IVF with donor eggs is health screening for the patients. Hopeful mothers and gestational surrogates will receive evaluations that help ensure their reproductive systems and overall health can support a pregnancy. Male patients providing sperm also receive a health screening.

Meet with our donor coordinator. During this process, patients meet with a donor coordinator at our fertility center, who provides a breakdown of the donor egg process and supports patients in selecting donors.

Confirming the match. After the patient selects a donor, we support them in completing legal and financial requirements, and creating a preliminary plan for the egg donation cycle.

With the support of our fertility clinic in Texas, many patients become parents through IVF with donor eggs.

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