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The Right Infertility Diagnosis

Getting the right infertility diagnosis is critical on your fertility treatment journey

People who are struggling to conceive often focus on getting the right fertility treatment plan for them. While this is important, something else needs to happen first. A doctor needs to make the right infertility diagnosis. Otherwise, they could end up treating the wrong issue or something that isn’t even a problem at all.

Our Dallas-Fort Worth infertility doctors use both basic and advanced fertility testing to find the root cause of our patients’ fertility struggles. Armed with the results, they then create customized treatment plans that result in pregnancy and parenthood.

A medical history and test results can help doctors reach the right infertility diagnosis

Infertility is complicated because many conditions can be hard to diagnose without the proper fertility testing. Additionally, some conditions share the same symptoms. For example, both thyroid problems and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can cause irregular periods. For these reasons, our Dallas-Fort Worth infertility doctors order fertility testing to reach the right infertility diagnosis.

During your first appointment, you’ll meet with your doctor to discuss your medical records and history. Your doctor will want to know about everything from your medications and medical conditions to your periods and pregnancy attempts. Often, this information contains clues that can help your doctor determine why you’re struggling to conceive.

However, taking a medical history isn’t the only thing your doctor will do. They will perform a physical exam to look for any abnormalities. They’ll also order some fertility testing.

Your doctor may also order other tests depending on your unique needs and goals.

Your test results help your doctor develop your customized treatment plan

Once we receive your fertility testing results, your doctor will review them with you to explain what they mean. They’ll then discuss your fertility treatment options and explain which ones will work best for you. Together, you’ll design your individualized treatment plan to help you bring home a healthy baby.

Our Dallas-Fort Worth infertility doctors take pride in helping our patients get the right infertility diagnosis and designing effective plans to help overcome it. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how our team can help you find success on your path to parenthood.

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