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Celebrating World Embryologist Day

 July 19th, 2022

Let’s celebrate World Embryologist Day and what embryologists do every day

Let’s celebrate World Embryologist Day and what embryologists do every dayDid you know that July 25 is special? It’s World Embryologist Day, and these lab professionals deserve more than a day to celebrate everything they do to help patients become parents. This year, our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center team is shining a spotlight on what embryologists do so that everyone understands how important they are.

You can think of embryologists as your child’s first babysitter

Once your child is born, you’ll likely have a babysitter look after them from time to time. However, you might not realize that someone is taking care of your baby well before that time. Embryologists protect and care for sperm, eggs and embryos from our patients while these precious reproductive materials are in the IVF lab.

If you’re wondering what embryologists do, here’s a look at some of the tasks they perform to help patients like you experience the joys of parenthood.

  • After your egg retrieval procedure for IVF or egg freezing, they examine your eggs and prepare them for either fertilization or vitrification.
  • Embryologists use either traditional fertilization or ICSI to fertilize your eggs as part of IVF. They then look for signs of fertilization and assess embryo development.
  • If you order genetic testing as a part of your IVF cycle, they perform embryo biopsies for preimplantation genetic testing (PGT).
  • It’s important to celebrate World Embryologist Day because these team members work with our doctors to select the best embryo to transfer.
  • Embryologists also help with treatment cycles that use third party reproduction and freeze eggs, sperm and embryos for patients to use later.

An embryologists’ work doesn’t just consist of laboratory procedures. It also involves communicating with patients to let them know everything from how their embryos are growing to their PGT results.

Join us in celebrating World Embryologist Day

We think you’ll agree that embryologists do so much to make treatment cycles a success for patients like you. As a result, we hope you’ll join us in saluting these specialists on World Embryologist Day for their hard work and commitment to making parenthood possible.

Contact us if you’d like to make an appointment at our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center. We’re here to support your family-building dreams.

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