Female Infertility

Age and Infertility

Infertility that comes with aging is an increasing problem due to general societal trends for women to delay childbearing.   Currently, testing is unable to predict with absolute certainty which patients will be successful through fertility treatment. Our office...read more

Female Infertility

Lifestyle Factors

Weight Weight is a contributing factor in fertility. Weighing too much or too little can alter your body’s hormonal function and chances for a successful pregnancy. When body-fat levels exceed 10-15% above normal, an overload of estrogen can throw...read more

Female Infertility

Infertility in Females

At Fertility Specialists of Texas, we believe in giving our patients options – as many options as we can to help them achieve their dreams. Timely diagnosis is critical because treatments become less effective as women age.  Patients turn...read more

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