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We can help women with the symptoms of adenomyosis

Many people have heard of endometriosis but are less familiar with adenomyosis. This condition causes the uterine lining to grow into the muscular wall of the uterus (womb). When this occurs, it can cause symptoms ranging from an enlarged uterus to painful, heavy periods. It can also lead to female infertility. Women who are facing this condition can find relief at Fertility Specialists of Texas.

What is adenomyosis and what symptoms can it cause?

Much like endometriosis, this condition is due to the uterine lining being where it shouldn’t be. With endometriosis, the uterine lining grows outside of the womb. In this condition, the lining grows within the uterine wall. During a woman’s period, this lining thickens, breaks down and bleeds. However, it has nowhere to go, so it can cause pain and an enlarged uterus.

In some women, adenomyosis does not cause any symptoms. However, other women may notice heavy or prolonged periods, severe or sharp cramping, chronic pelvic pain or pain during sex. This condition can also make it more difficult to conceive due to the changes in the uterus.

The cause of this issue is unknown, but our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility specialists tell patients that several risk factors can increase a woman’s chance of having it. One common risk factor is having a previous uterine surgery.

How do our doctors diagnose and treat this condition?

Our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility specialists may diagnose this condition after taking a patient’s medical history and finding a large and tender uterus during a pelvic exam. Ordering a transvaginal ultrasound and reviewing the images of the womb can also help.

Adenomyosis often goes away after menopause. However, patients who need treatment for their symptoms now have several options.

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs to manage the bleeding and pain.
  • Hormonal birth control in various forms can provide relief.

For women who are trying to conceive, our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility doctors may recommend IVF or the use of a gestational surrogate in some cases

If a patient is struggling with adenomyosis, our team can design a customized treatment plan to help. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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