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Let’s Dance: I am in 1 in 8

 December 30th, 2016

{July 22, 2016}

Hi, my name is Brie. I am your sister, your friend, your cousin- that girl who lives down the street. I am the 1 in 8 women you know who struggle with infertility. I am the girl who has cried herself to sleep because the perfectly quiet house was just too much to bear. I am the girl who mastered the art of putting on a happy face when friends told her they were pregnant, only to be looking for a place to breakdown. I am the girl who spent way too many Mother’s Days with empty arms. The girl who thought maybe if she bought enough things that she wouldn’t want a baby as much anymore.

I am the girl who felt sad that sex with her husband wasn’t intimate anymore. It was stressful, scheduled, and disappointing because it just wasn’t working. I am the girl who almost convinced herself it had only been 6 months since they started trying when really it had been over a year. I am the girl who so badly wanted to tell her best friend about all of this but suffered alone in silence. The girl who wanted to say she felt like less of a woman. That some days she just didn’t feel like there was much point in trying anymore.

During the time I spent trying to get pregnant, I experienced all of this and more. I went through several rounds of failed treatment cycles with my well meaning, but under-equipped GYN. During this time, I walked this heart-breaking road alone. I thank heaven every day that I stumbled upon Fertility Specialists of Texas while performing a Google search during a moment where I was reaching for a lifeline. I’m even more grateful they responded to my email with a phone call and got me in for a consultation that would change my life.

And though I sit here now typing this with my 3-year-old and 11-month old playing (and crying) in the background, I am still this woman. My experience going through infertility made me who I am, and I’m glad. I had to lose myself to really find myself. I hope that sharing my experiences may somehow help you, your sister, or your best friend. I am here to be a resource and a sounding board. You don’t have to walk this road alone. I am here to stand with you. I am 1 in 8.



Hi! I’m a proud IVF mom of two amazing boys, thanks to the expert care at Fertility Specialists of Texas. I know, first hand, how lonely infertility can be, which is why I write personal entries for the FST blog  — it’s my way of helping break through the isolation. To let you know you’re not alone. And, neither am I. If you ever want to chat with someone who’s had empty arms, who knows the heartbreak of this journey, I’m here. And, I’d love to connect: fstivfmom@gmail.com.

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