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Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is a treatable cause of male infertility

Some men find they have no problem getting an erection and having an orgasm during sex. However, they may notice they release very little or no semen during ejaculation. Regularly having a so-called dry orgasm could be a sign of retrograde ejaculation. With this condition, the semen goes into the bladder instead of coming out of the penis during the climax. This generally isn’t a problem unless a man and his partner are trying to conceive.

For couples who are having trouble welcoming a baby due to this condition, there is hope at Fertility Specialists of Texas. Our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility doctors can diagnose this condition and offer effective treatments to make dreams of parenthood come true.

How do doctors diagnose retrograde ejaculation?

While this condition doesn’t interfere with sexual performance, there are signs that a man may have it.

  • Ejaculating very little or no semen during orgasm, also known as a dry orgasm
  • Cloudy urine after orgasm, as it contains semen
  • Infertility, or the inability to get a woman pregnant

If a man has these symptoms and has been trying to conceive with his partner for a year or longer without success, it’s time to see a fertility doctor.

To confirm a diagnosis of retrograde ejaculation, our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility doctors will begin by taking a medical history. This includes asking questions about health conditions, previous surgeries and current medications. They may also order a semen analysis to assess semen volume and sperm parameters.

What are the treatment options for this condition?

If our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility doctors find a man has retrograde ejaculation, they will work to develop a customized treatment plan. If the problem is due to nerve damage from medical conditions and certain surgeries, medications may help. In contrast, the doctor might have a man stop taking other medications if they suspect they are causing the ejaculation issues.

If the medications don’t help with the problem, our team might recommend a procedure to retrieve sperm from the testicles. This option bypasses the need to ejaculate. The retrieved sperm can then be used with fertility treatments like IUI or IVF.

If you’d like to learn more about how to conceive with retrograde ejaculation, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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