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Patient Care Coordinators

Our patient care coordinators are the first people you speak to when you call, the first faces you see when you come in, the first ones to start rooting for your success. This team is tasked with handling the day-to-day operations, with managing the little things that ultimately become the big things: finding answers, scheduling appointments, coordinating all of the moving parts needed for your care and treatment.


Next to available treatment options, cost is the biggest concern for patients. At Fertility Specialists of Texas we are committed to complete transparency when it comes to cash-pay rates, financing options, discount programs and more. After scheduling your new patient appointment with us, our team of financial consultants will call your insurance provider to verify your benefits and will provide an update so there are no out-of-pocket surprises when you arrive for your consultation. We know finances are a big consideration when moving forward with treatment, our billing team will work with you every step of the way.


Our office administration wants to ensure that your time with Fertility Specialists of Texas is the absolute best it can possibly be. From staffing the most qualified, compassionate team to instituting policies and procedures that allow us to deliver the most efficient, effective care possible, our administration is focused on you and your success.


The communications department at Fertility Specialists of Texas has two primary functions: to share vital information about special events, updates and advancements and to serve as an advocate on behalf of our patients to increase awareness about reproductive challenges and to help break the silence that so often surrounds the infertility community.

Thanks to Fertility Specialists of Texas, I became a mom in 2016 after years of struggle. I know, first-hand, the challenges our patients are facing and I am committed to being a source of knowledge and comfort for each and every one.

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