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Ovarian Stimulation For IVF

Ovarian stimulation is a crucial component of in vitro fertilization

If you’re pursuing in vitro fertilization, or IVF, your first step of the journey will include ovarian stimulation. The goal of this step is to encourage your ovaries to safely mature as many eggs as possible. The team at our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center accomplishes this using injectable fertility medications (gonadotropins).

What can you expect during ovarian stimulation for IVF?

Before beginning the first step of in vitro fertilization, you will need to undergo fertility testing. This consists of bloodwork, a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and a semen analysis. The information that these tests provide helps your physician determine your stimulation protocol and fertility medications.

Once your doctor has determined the best way to stimulate egg production in your ovaries, you will receive your medication schedule. One of our nurses will also show you how to give yourself injectable fertility medications. It can seem overwhelming at first, but most patients find that it’s easier than they first thought.

You will typically begin ovarian stimulation injections on Day 3 of your cycle. We recommend that you give yourself these injections at about the same time every day. You will continue taking these injections for about 10-12 days. During this time, you’ll come to our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center every few days for monitoring.

Our team will use bloodwork and ultrasounds to monitor your progress and how you’re responding to the medications. Your doctor will use this information to determine whether to make changes in your medication dosage. Your test results will also help your doctor determine when your egg-containing follicles are mature.

What is the next step after taking fertility medications?

When your follicles have reached the proper stage of maturity, your doctor will have you take an hCG injection. This so-called “trigger shot” tells your ovaries to release the eggs. You will then return to our Dallas-Fort Worth fertility center about 36 hours later for an outpatient egg retrieval procedure. And with that, you move onto the next step of your IVF journey.

If you would like to learn more about the different steps of IVF, including ovarian stimulation, contact us for an appointment. Our doctors can provide the education and treatments you need to bring home a bundle of joy.

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