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Posted on: November 4th, 2016 by Our Team

Why consider the IVF 100% Refund Guarantee Program

Many couples have limited financial resources to allocate toward building their families. Fertility Specialists of Texas has developed SharedDreams® to reduce a couple’s financial concerns by fixing the cost involved in undergoing multiple IVF treatments. Over 75% of the patients who have enrolled in this program, have conceived and delivered a baby. Fertility Specialists of Texas is able to offer this program administered locally at a considerable cost savings. Given that we are one of the leading providers of fertility services in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area with a reputation of proven success.  If a pregnancy is not achieved under the program, 100% of the program cost will be refunded to help preserve the couple’s resources for other family-building alternatives.

What is the SharedDreams® program

The SharedDreams® program is an alternative to traditional fee-for-service payment.  Many couples do not have insurance to pay for in vitro fertilization (IVF). As a result, the financial implications can be overwhelming should you require more than one cycle. Couples who choose this option and conceive in their first treatment cycle will end up paying higher costs than in the fee-for-service payment option, but couples who require more than one fresh IVF cycle to conceive will save considerable money. It is important to understand that Fertility Specialists of Texas is not guaranteeing the success of the treatment, but we are offering this option to limit the financial risk for couples for whom a viable pregnancy is not achieved. This program, therefore, reduces the amount of money you have “at risk” for up to three cycles and fixes the cost of treatment.

How it works

Eligible couples will have undergone a screening evaluation prior to entering the program, and if qualified, will receive up to three fresh IVF treatment cycles and up to three cryopreservation IVF (frozen embryo) cycles over a 12-month period for a global fee that varies slightly according to the age of the female partner. This “contract” is fulfilled with the birth of a healthy baby.

Advantages of this SharedDreams® Plan

  • Costs are set at the time the contract is purchased for the duration of the payment contract.
  • Limits the amount of money at risk should IVF ultimately fail to produce a pregnancy.
  • Retains some of your financial resources for other family building alternatives (such as adoption).
  • Conditional cancellation option is offered in this plan (see “Cancellation“).

Disadvantages of this SharedDreams® Plan

  • Patients who succeed after the first treatment cycle or first frozen embryo cycle will have paid more than the standard fee for service.
  • Certain costs still must be paid (see “Services NOT Included“) for each fresh or frozen treatment cycle such as the expense of the fertility medications.
  • Requires a personal commitment/determination to complete all of the fresh and frozen IVF treatments.
  • Some women will not produce an adequate number of quality fresh embryos for both a fresh IVF cycle and a cryopreservation (frozen embryo) IVF cycle; therefore, they will not have as many opportunities to conceive under the plan. The refund is still given if three fresh cycles fail to produce a pregnancy.

Who Qualifies?

Once IVF is recommended, the following information is used to determine if a patient is an appropriate candidate for our Shared Risk Refund Program:

  • Women’ s Age- the ability to complete all IVF cycles prior to the woman’s 38th birthday if she is using her own eggs.
  • Day 3 Hormone Tests – FSH less than 10 and Estradiol less than 68 pg/ml.
  • Donor Egg if the woman is over 37 or if there is abnormal ovarian reserve.
  • Adequate Sperm Count or ability to have adequate sperm even if ICSI or sperm retrieval is necessary, donor sperm may be used.
  • Normal Uterine Cavity
  • No evidence of hydrosalpinges
  • Normal Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Non Smoker and no illicit substance use
  • Medical clearance for chronic illness(s)
  • Willing to cryopreserve embryos
  • Cannot have begun more than two IVF cycles prior to enrollment into the program

Acceptance into this Program is at the sole and subjective discretion of Fertility Specialists of Texas. Please remember that making a determination about your participation in this financial program is not a clinical determination of your chances of success with IVF.

Women must complete the medically appropriate pre-cycle testing and be proven to have normal ovarian reserve, a normal uterus and uterine cavity, no hydrosalpinx, and must not have previously begun more than two IVF cycles prior to enrollment in the program at Fertility Specialists of Texas. Women with chronic illness(es) (such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc.) must have medical clearance before becoming pregnant from their physician prior to enrollment. Men must at least be able to produce adequate sperm for ICSI, even if surgical sperm retrieval is necessary. While not every fresh IVF cycle can be expected to result in surplus embryos of adequate quality for cryopreservation, couples in this program must agree to have their surplus eligible embryos from their fresh IVF cycles cryopreserved for future use. IVF cycles in which PGD is planned are not eligible for this financial program.

Services Included in the IVF SharedDreams® Program

  1. Monitoring of IVF Ovarian Stimulation (all ultrasounds, hormonal assays, and physician services for monitoring and management).
  2. Monitoring of FET cycles (all ultrasounds, hormonal assays, and physician services for monitoring and management).
  3. Oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer procedures.
  4. IVF facility fees for oocyte retrievals and embryo transfers.
  5. IVF laboratory services included.
  6. Embryo cryopreservation and storage for two years.
  7. Two quantitative HCG blood tests to diagnose pregnancy at the end of the treatment cycle.

Services NOT Included in the IVF SharedDreams® Program

  1. IVF pre-cycle screening tests and office visits.
  2. Medications and their administration (injections).
  3. All non-IVF surgical procedures (laparoscopy, myomectomy, surgical procedures on fallopian tubes and ovaries, hysteroscopy, D&C, etc. (These procedures are usually gynecologic or obstetric in nature, and are covered by existing health insurance).
  4. Costs related to the use of a known or anonymous egg donor such as recruitment, all required donor screening fees (medical, legal, and psychological), and donor compensation fees or donor agency fees.
  5. Costs of obtaining donor sperm, or costs for the surgical sperm retrieval when necessary.
  6. ICSI – Intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
  7. Ultrasound monitoring of early pregnancy.
  8. Any medical services provided for obstetrical care, or for complications related to the IVF process such as treatment of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or other pregnancy complications.
  9. Storage of cryopreserved embryos that may still remain after a pregnancy through the first trimester is attained or the contractual two year period has elapsed.

Cancellations initiated by the patient will result in reverting to a fee for service payment schedule for treatment services already rendered.

By accepting a package price you agree to fore go insurance billing for all of the services rendered as a part of or in association with the plan cycle(s) unless notified otherwise. If you request that any or all of the services listed and provided above be billed to your insurance carrier, you nullify this package price and your account will be adjusted and be assessed full fees for services/charges at the rates in effect at the time the services are rendered.

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