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Take advantage of our free fertility webinars

All Free Fertility Seminars have been converted to a webinar format for the safety of all patients and staff in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that stepping across the line from #TTC on your own to walking into a specialist’s office requires a deep breath, a different mindset and a leap of faith, but you CAN do it. You’ve got this. And, at Fertility Specialists of Texas, we’ve got you.

Our Free Fertility Webinar is 60 minutes that can change your life.

We’ll educate you on infertility — what causes it and how we can help you overcome it.

What to expect from our free fertility webinars

Each Fertility Webinar includes:

  • a brief presentation by one of our fertility specialists
  • a Q&A session
  • the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals
  • a voucher to have your AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) checked in our office

As comfort and conversation are key, we limit attendance to a small group. This provides the perfect opportunity to engage with the physician and with others.

Please complete the online form below or e-mail tfalk@fertilitytexas.com (include your full name, address, e-mail, phone number, date of birth and which seminar you would like to attend).

Upcoming Webinars

Fertility Specialists of Texas grows all families. LGBTQ+ individuals and couples are welcome and encouraged to attend any of our webinars. However, we offer discussions specifically geared toward the unique journeys of LGBTQ+ patients.

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  2. Be sure to specify your preferred seminar date.

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