Egg Donor Recipient

Many individuals and couples, due to infertility or biological necessity, grow their families with the help of an egg donor. Egg donors are healthy young women, ideally between the ages of 20 and 29 who have an innate desire to help infertile couples become parents.

  • Known Donors: Sisters, other relatives, or close friends may donate eggs. Using a known donor allows an intended mother to have a biological connection to her child if a blood relative, like her sister, serves as the donor.
  • Anonymous Fresh Egg Donors: Intended parents can review the Fertility Specialists of Texas donor pool for a potential donor or they can employ an Egg Donor Agency to find an anonymous egg donor. These young women donate eggs to intended parents and their identity remains anonymous. Anonymous donors are compensated fairly for their time and effort; they are not being paid to “sell” their eggs. Fertility Specialists of Texas abides by guidelines established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) to assure that the monetary compensation is not construed as “purchasing” eggs.
  • Anonymous Egg Bank Donors: Until recently only fresh donor eggs were available but now it is possible to obtain frozen eggs through an egg bank. This option eliminates the requirement of waiting for stimulation and egg retrieval. Physical characteristics of anonymous donors, such as eye color, hair color and ethnicity are available, as well as photographs of the donor as a child.

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