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Posted on: November 5th, 2016 by Our Team

At Fertility Specialists of Texas, we dedicate ourselves to finding solutions for our patients and we work diligently every day to discover the causes of infertility. We provide useful fertility education resources, and we are very passionate about fertility education because we believe that an informed patient is the best patient.

Our highly trained fertility specialists and caring staff members will carefully manage your treatment plan, but you play an important role, as well in your journey to parenthood.

Please review our videos and checkout our Youtube channel for additional videos.

How IVF works

Dr. Jerald Goldstein discusses Timed intercourse and Medications

Dr. Jerald Goldstein discusses Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Dr. Dorette Noorhasan discusses IUI vs. IVF

Dr. Jerald Goldstein discusses PCOS

Dr. Rebecca Chilvers discusses Endometriosis

Dr. Jerald Goldstein discusses Day 3 Embryo Transfer Vs. Day 5

Dr. Rebecca Chilvers discusses Tubal Reversal Surgery

Dr. Dorette Noorhasan discusses Sperm, Embryo and Egg Freezing

Dr. Jerald Goldstein discusses IUI vs. IVF

Dr. Jerald Goldstein discusses Egg Quality.

Dr. Dorette Noorhasan gives an office tour in Spanish.

Dr. Dorette Noorhasan discusses a HSG procedure.

Dr. Dorette Noorhasan discusses the IUI procedure.

Dr. Rebecca Chilvers discusses the embryo transfer process

Dr. Dorette Noorhasan discusses Fertility Preservation

Dr. Carlos Guerrero discusses Selecting a State of the Art Lab

Dr. Carlos Guerrero discusses Human Embryo Selection for IVF

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