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We at Fertility Specialists of Texas are proud to offer world class fertility care to patients in Texas, the United States, and around the globe.  We aim to make the process of obtaining treatment with us as convenient as possible.

After your initial visit is completed and a tailored plan put into place we will know what your individual needs are.  Our physicians and staff are often able to work with other physicians at facilities close to your home to coordinate cycle monitoring at centers in other parts of Texas, the nation, and the world (where available) to reduce the number of required, extended visits at our facility.  For instance, if you are a patient undergoing IVF, your follicular ultrasounds may be performed in another city or state and then you can come to our facility for the egg retrieval and the embryo transfer.  Likewise, ultrasound monitoring can also be performed off-site if you are undergoing ovarian stimulation. This can be followed by intrauterine insemination at our facility when applicable.

We also offer phone consultations

Call our office at 214-618-2044 to arrange a phone consultation. Charges do apply for a phone consultation. For those of you who choose to have all or part of your treatment and monitoring with us, we can assist you with travel plans.  Please see the links below and contact us for further information.


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